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Hi, I’m Lucy Stange, a Boudoir Photographer located here in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I am in love with taking boudoir photos! My biggest drive for boudoir photography comes from my personal self-image struggles as a young woman. It was in 2014 that photography found me, broken and full of heartache. My husband had purchased a camera to take photos of his work and made the wonderful mistake of asking me to take a photo for him. With the camera in my hands, I could see into my own reality for the first time, and I’ve not put that camera down since. Through hard work, and much emotional upheaval, I started to fall in love with my life, my kids, and my husband all over again. I have come to a place of gratitude and love for the woman I am today. I can say I feel great in my own skin, and I want the same for you. I want you to walk away from our session together feeling empowered, confident, grateful, and more in love with the woman you are today.

It’s true… Boudoir can be a life-changing experience; a doorway to living a bold, authentic life!

My Purpose

Helping women live boldly with confidence!


Lucy Stange

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