BOLD + Confident

Because I said. I can!

By Lucy Stange
Dress: Handmade one, of a kind, dress by Jacqueline Amissah


Take control of your story with BOLD Confidence.

What have you said.

They will only love me if I stay broken. I should put this aside and just be a grownup. I can’t pursue my dream career, what if I want to start a family.  I look like I am desperate. Oh crap, they think I’m a bitch….. I can’t do this. I’m just going to go shopping. I look like a fat potato. I will never be as pretty as she is. Someday. I will, when my kids are out of the house. My family would dis own me.  If people only new who I really am.

What do you believe you deserve?

Do you believe that you’re perfect, gorgeous, incredibly talented, passionate, caring, loving, creative, inspiring, courageous, and a world changer?…. I do. I think you deserve all the incredible experiences this world can offer!

Move with BOLD Confidence.

I encourage you to take control and do things on your terms. Don’t apologizes for being you. Show up for yourself with every move you make with with BOLD confidence. You will be shocked at the response you get from the world around you. Stand up, and put your lipstick on, and face yourself with this comment “Because I Said. I can.

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