The Fear Behind Boudoir Photography!

The truth is… Boudoir photography is about being a woman with confidence!

Fear is stealing your confident!

The fear behind boudoir comes from having to fully except yourself and love your body the way it is right now. This is a tall order and difficult thing to do at times, especially when society tells us we are not good enough and need to be better. Most women don’t think they are pretty, much less love their body. This right here.., this state of mind is why I do what I do. It breaks my heart to hear these story’s. Tell me, what would your body need to look like for you to love it? Is it thinner, toner, taller, more curves, less curves? Have you ever looked at some one and said “if they were just a few pounds lighter I would love them more”? My guess is NO! But, for some reason we do this to ourselves.

Fear followed me for most of my adult life.

This fear followed me most of my adult life. I would work harder, faster, and NEVER was I good enough for myself. Until fall of 2014 at age 29 years old. I was at a Thanksgiving party and over eat (who doesn’t on Thanksgiving). When I got home I went to the GYM at 1am that night. As I was pushing my self by doing ab crunches until I felt like puking. I caught a glance of myself in the mirror… and that’s when it hit me! That night I told myself I would never EVER do this to myself again. That night I made a commitment to love my body no matter what it looked like, and do what was best for me.  From then on I have been in love with the woman I am today. I want to help you feel the same way about the woman you are.

You are Brilliant, BOLD, and Beautiful.

My drive for boudoir photography is to help you feel empowered and in love with your body and life!  My process is to help you move forward with BOLD + Confident.! And I believe Confidences comes after BOLD actions! Because I truly believe if you walk in the door scared or not,  and are willing to face yourself. It can change something in the inside. By doing so, you prove to yourself that  you are good enough, Brilliant, BOLD, and Beautiful.

I want the same for you! Are you ready for this BOLD move?

I’d love to be your photographer. BOOK HERE.



Lucy Stange






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